Bride Union
Photo Credit: Jeremy Wong Weddings
Bride Union是個香港婚禮靈感搜尋平台。我們希望聚集婚嫁服務精英,包括攝影師、設計師、場地、花藝師和化妝師等,建立一個優質的靈感圖庫。讓各位準新娘可搜尋、儲存適合的婚禮靈感,並透過圖片認識及連結你的服務。Bride Union同時亦會透過網誌,為讀者詳盡介紹婚禮的知識、潮流及故事,讓新人輕易找到切合自己風格的婚嫁服務。
在Bride Union刊登作品是完全免費的,只需要提交你的社交媒體網址(Facebook / Instagram),我們便會定期更新作品,並就作品的風格及質素進行揀選及分類。如有仼何故事分享或廣告查詢,歡迎聯絡。 我們會陸續推出更多新功能,希望能方便大家管理及發佈自己的作品。
籌備婚禮是個漫長又艱辛的過程,根據調查顯示,從求婚、搜集資料、計劃到大日子,每個準新娘平均需要1.5年時間準備。零碎又散亂婚禮資訊則令籌備的過程變得更困難,因此Bride Union希望成立一個集中而且有系統的搜尋平台,讓準新娘可以快捷找到合適的風格和專業服務。
Bride Union is an visual-driven platform for Hong Kong wedding elites.
We gather local wedding experts, including photographers, designers, venues, florists and make up artists, to create a high-quality inspiration gallery. Bride-to be can explore, save and connect to you through your innovative and fancy images on our platform. Bride Union is found by experienced female magazines editor. We select high-quality and trendy images and service providers from Bride Union platform to deliver in-depth information to our users.
Post your works
Posting your works on Bride Union is completely FREE! You only have to submit your social media links to us (Facebook/Instagram), we will update your latest work according to quality and style. Please feel free to contact us by for any interesting story and enquiry.
Why us?
Preparing a perfect wedding is a long and exhausting job for every bride-to-be, according to recent research, they need 1.5 years from proposal, planning and executing their big days. The unstructured information of wedding services makes the work more difficult and time-consuming. Bride Union wish to provide a centralized and organised information to our brides to match their dream style.
More features are coming soon, stay tuned!